Campaigns: Hollister Employer Value Proposition

When Hollister wanted to enhance its global talent acquisition process, the company's internal teams collaborated on the development of a multi-channel EVP campaign that would promote the core strengths of the company through authentic Associate stories. As Corporate Brand Manager for Hollister Incorporated, creating a cohesive brand system was critical to ensuring the campaign's success and longevity. Our value proposition, "We Make Life More Rewarding and Dignified," set the tone for our modular, corporate-branded system of materials that integrated Associate portraits and personal interviews.

Hollister Associate EVP stories were distributed in print and digital formats in 9 languages.

Hollister EVP print materials were distributed inside an "origami" folder system. Starting with a full-size press sheet, graphic posters were printed on both sides and the sheet was custom folded into a business-size folder with interior pockets.

Hollister Careers website homepage and Linkedin banner ads.

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